Policy Agreements

2019 AAPOS 45th Annual Meeting with ISA

AAPOS 45th Annual Meeting

March 27–31, 2019 | San Diego, CA

Policy Agreements

Display and Distribution

AAPOS has retained exclusive use of the meeting facility to enable registered attendees to participate in AAPOS-sponsored educational and informational activities. Display or distribution of non-sponsored information or advertising (other than job postings on the community board) in or on the property of the meeting facility, except in exhibit booths, is prohibited.

AAPOS members or organizations may submit requests to the AAPOS Board of Directors and Executive Vice President at least 45 days prior to the AAPOS meeting for consideration of permission to distribute or display materials at AAPOS meetings. In rare instances, the AAPOS Board of Directors and Executive Vice President will grant such permission.

Violation of this policy will result in confiscation and disposal of the material. Individuals who violate this policy may be asked to leave the premises.

Code of Conduct

AAPOS strives to promote an environment of respect, fairness, integrity and inclusiveness. AAPOS members and guests who attend AAPOS sponsored events including scientific sessions, governance meetings and social events, agree to show respect to others by refraining from demeaning, discriminatory, derogatory, abusive or unethical behavior or speech.

The AAPOS board reserves the right to censure and/or remove any member or guest who does not behave in accordance with these standards.