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AAPOS 2017 Burt Kushner Webinar:Imaging Modalities in Strabismus Management

This online interactive session will feature the 2nd Annual Burt Kushner Lecture given by Stephen Kraft, MD FRCSC. Other presenters will include Dr. David Hunter and Dr. Robert Clark. The presenters will explore various imaging modalities that are useful in the management of complex and routine strabismus.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How can a child be tested for
glasses in early childhood?


An ophthalmologist can detect the need for glasses through a complete eye exam. Typically, the pupils are dilated in order to relax the focusing muscles, so that an accurate measurement can be obtained. By using a special instrument, called a retinoscope, your eye doctor can arrive at an accurate prescription. The ophthalmologist will then advise parents whether there is a need for glasses, or whether the condition can be monitored.


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