Lecture Series/Awards

The Frank D. Costenbader Lecture

The Costenbader Lecture was established to honor Frank D. Costenbader, the founder of Pediatric Ophthalmology in North America, who dedicated his professional life to the recognition of this subspecialty and to the training of future pediatric ophthalmologists according to his ideals. Each year the AAPOS Costenbader Lecture Committee selects a distinguished Pediatric Ophthalmologist to deliver a major lecture on his or her research and experience in the field of Pediatric Ophthalmology.

Past Costenbader Lecturers

  • 2023 Scott R. Lambert, MD (New York)
  • 2022 David G. Hunter, MD, PhD (Scottsdale)
  • 2021 Sharon F. Freedman, MD (Virtual)
  • (2020 N/A - Meeting cancelled due to covid pandemic)
  • 2019 David A. Plager, MD (San Diego)
  • 2018 Elias I Traboulsi, MD (Washington DC)
  • 2017 Steven M. Archer, MD (Nashville)
  • 2016 Edward L. Raab, MD (Vancouver)
  • 2015 David S. Walton, MD (New Orleans)
  • 2014 John F. O’Neill, MD (Palm Springs)
  • 2013 M. Edward Wilson, JR, MD (Boston)
  • 2012 Michael X. Repka, MD (San Antonio)
  • 2011 Susan H. Day, MD (San Diego)
  • 2010 A. Linn Murphree, MD (Orlando)
  • 2009 Richard A. Saunders, MD (San Francisco)
  • 2008 Edward G. Buckley, MD (Washington DC)
  • 2007 John D. Baker, MD (Seattle)
  • 2006 Earl A. Palmer, MD (Keystone)
  • 2005 Albert W. Biglan, MD (Orlando)
  • 2004 Arthur L. Rosenbaum, MD (Washington DC)
  • 2003 Burton J. Kushner, MD (Hawaii)
  • 2002 Creig S. Hoyt, MD (Seattle)
  • 2001 Forrest Daryel Ellis, MD (Orlando)
  • 2000 David R. Stager, Sr., MD (San Diego)
  • 1999 Malcolm L. Mazow, MD (Toronto)
  • 1998 David L. Guyton, MD (Palm Springs)
  • 1997 Robert D. Reinecke, MD (Charleston)
  • 1996 Marilyn T. Miller, MD (Snowbird)
  • 1995 Eugene R. Folk, MD (Orlando)
  • 1994 William E. Scott, MD (Vancouver)
  • 1993 Henry S. Metz, MD (Palm Springs)
  • 1992 Eugene M. Helveston, MD (Maui)
  • 1991 John A. Pratt-Johnson, MD (Montreal)
  • 1990 John T. Flynn, MD (Lake George)
  • 1989 Kenneth C. Swan, MD (Kiawah)
  • 1988 Alan B. Scott, MD (Boston)
  • 1987 John E. Wright, MD (Scottsdale)
  • 1986 Robert M. Ellsworth, MD (Maui)
  • 1985 Arthur J. Jampolsky, MD (Puerto Rico)
  • 1984 Gunter K. von Noorden, MD (Vail)
  • 1983 Jack C. Crawford, MD (Vancouver)
  • 1982 Joseph Lang, MD (Monterey)
  • 1981 Philip Knapp, MD (Orlando)
  • 1980 David G. Cogan, MD (San Diego)
  • 1979 Robison D. Harley, MD (Toronto)
  • 1978 Jules Francois, MD (Williamsburg)
  • 1977 T. Keith Lyle, MD (San Francisco)
  • 1976 Lorenz E. Zimmerman, MD (Bermuda)
  • 1975 Robert N. Shaffer, MD (Lake Tahoe)
  • 1974 Marshall M. Parks, MD (Los Angeles)

The Leonard Apt Lecture

The Leonard Apt Lecture was established and first presented in 2000 by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Ophthalmology (SOOp) to honor Leonard Apt, MD, for his dedication and contributions in the fields of pediatrics and pediatric ophthalmology. Dr. Apt was the first physician to be board-certified in both pediatrics and ophthalmology. The Leonard Apt Lecture pays tribute to Dr. Apt not only for his educational and scientific contributions, but also for his pioneer role in helping to create pediatric ophthalmology as a new medical subspecialty.

Past Leonard Apt Lecturers

  • 2021 Sean P. Donahue, MD, PhD (Virtual)
  • 2017 Marilyn T. Miller, MD (Nashville)
  • 2015 Alex V Levin, MD, MHSc (New Orleans)
  • 2013 Joseph L. Demer, MD, PhD (Boston)
  • 2011 Carol L. Shields, MD and Jerry A. Shields, MD (San Diego)
  • 2009 Sherwin J. Isenberg, MD (San Francisco)
  • 2007 Carol D. Berkowitz, MD, FAAP (Seattle)
  • 2005 Edwin M. Stone, MD, PhD (Orlando)
  • 2003 Linda J. Mason, MD (Hawaii)
  • 2002 Mark Siegler, MD (Seattle)
  • 2001 Bennett A. Shaywitz, MD & Sally E. Shaywitz, MD (Orlando)
  • 2000 J. Bronwyn Bateman, MD (San Diego)

The Phillip Knapp Lecture

The Knapp Lecture was established to honor Philip Knapp, MD, one of the early academic strabismologists in North America who dedicated his talents to research in strabismus and to training future academic leaders in his field. The AAPOS International Affairs Committee (IAC) selects a distinguished International Pediatric Ophthalmologist/Strabismologist to deliver a lecture at the Annual Meeting in even-numbered years. The lecturer will present his or her research and experience in pediatric ophthalmology - especially ocular motility disorders.

Past Knapp Lecturers

  • 2019 Miho Sato, MD (Sydney)
  • 2016 Pradeep Sharma, MD (Vancouver)
  • 2014 Gillian GW Adams, FRCS(EDd), FRCOphth (Palm Springs)
  • 2012 John J. Sloper, FRCOphth (San Antonio)
  • 2010 Jan Tjeerd H.N. de Faber, MD (Orlando)
  • 2008 Emilio C. Campos, MD (Washington DC)
  • 2006 Carlos Souza-Dias, MD (Keystone)
  • 2004 David S.I. Taylor, FRCS, FRCP (Wsahington DC)
  • 2002 John Lee, FRCS, FRCP, FRCOphth (Seattle)
  • 2001 Alberto O. Ciancia, MD (Orlando)
  • 1999 Annette Spielmann, MD (Toronto)
  • 1998 Anthony D.N. Murray, FRCS (Palm Springs)

Founders Series Lecture

Past Founders Series Lecturers 

2023 Helveston Lecturer
Michael F. Chiang, MD 

2022 Jampolsky Lecturer
David L. Guyton, MD

2019 Helveston Lecturer
Michael X. Repka, MD, MBA

2018 Jampolsky Lecturer
Burton J. Kushner, MD

Awards & Honors

Champion for Vision Award

  • 2013 Prevent Blindness America

  • 2014 National Head Start Association

  • 2015 Knights Templar Eye Foundation

  • 2016 Orbis International

  • 2017 George R. Beauchamp, MD

President Guest of Honor

  • 2018 Christie L. Morse, MD (Washington DC)
  • 2019 Maria A. Schweers, CO (San Diego)
  • 2021 Scott A. Larson, MD (Virtual)
  • 2022 Gill Roper=Hall, DBOT, CO, COMT (Scottsdale)
  • 2023 Zane F. Pollard, MD (New York)
  • 2023 George S. Ellis, Jr., MD (New York)