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Equipping school nurses with tools and vision resources

Vision Screening Tutorial

Resources for School Nurses

AAPOS has proudly partnered with the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) to develop resources to promote school vision screening and to disseminate information about common eye diseases in children. The Vision Screening Tutorial is available in English and Spanish.

Kathy Lee, MD developed a Vision Screening Tutorial for the AAO's Leadership Development Program. The video is designed as a resource for school nurses about how to screen vision, the best practices in school vision screening and why it's important.

Included on the tutorial:

  • Rationale for effective school vision screening
  • Information regarding refractive errors, amblyopia and strabismus
  • Elements of a successful screening program
  • Pearls and pitfalls of traditional vision screening
  • Examples of preferred and non-preferred charts
  • Demonstration of the proper use of objective vision screening devices (ie photo-refractors)
  • Presentation of other elements of vision screening including color, stereo-acuity and near vision
  • Effective screening of special needs children is illustrated