The Marshall M. Parks Medal

1990-1991 AAPOS President, Bronze Medalist

Henry S. Metz, MD

Brooklyn born, Dr. Metz was educated at Columbia University, the State University of New York College of Medicine Downstate Medical Center, and the University of Rochester. He is a respected groundbreaking researcher of electromyography as applicable to pediatric patients as a most useful addition to evaluating patients with strabismus. His early studies described saccadic velocity measurements and the ophthalmic use of botulinum toxin. Dr. Metz earned numerous research grants and academic awards associated with his contributions to ophthalmology. He described his career as working with brilliant, engaged, and often witty colleagues, many who have become his cherished friends. He and wife Iris reside in San Francisco and raised 3 children and 5 sensational grandchildren.

Henry S. Metz Headshot