The Marshall M. Parks Medal

2012 AAPOS President-Elect, Bronze Medalist

Michael R. Redmond, MD (1943-2011)

Dr. Redmond posthumously received the Parks Bronze Medal Award in 2012. He served as President of the AAO and President-Elect of AAPOS and was a very active member of numerous national organizations. He practiced at West Florida Medical Center in Pensacola where he served as Chief Executive Officer. He received Recognition Awards from the AAO, AAPOS and AMA, and the Certificate of Merit of the Florida Medical Association for his exceptional and outstanding service to the association, the medical profession, and the public. Dr. Redmond valiantly served in Vietnam and earned two Bronze Stars. He demonstrated unusual principal and leadership qualities throughout his life. He had a positive influence on all who knew and worked with him and was a fully committed member of each class and organization to which he belonged. He often said the most rewarding aspect of his work has been "helping kids see".

Michael R. Redmond Headshot