The Marshall M. Parks Medal

2003 Silver Medalist

Suzanne C. Beauchamp

Loved for her warm smile and dedication to husband George Beauchamp, Suzanne graciously and effectively served as the first Executive Director of the Children’s Eye Foundation. Her unwavering support of CEF inspired the Marshall Parks Medal.

Suzanne C. Beauchamp Headshot


Suzanne Chelborg Beauchamp was born in Maplewood, NJ in 1940. Mrs. Beauchamp received a BA in English from Roanoke College, a MEd in Secondary Counseling and Guidance from the University of Maryland, and undertook post-graduate work in Administration and Supervision at the University of Maryland. Upon graduation from Roanoke College, Mrs. Beauchamp taught middle school English in Livingston, NJ and Wilmette, IL. She then worked in the Education and Training Branch at Walter Reed Army Medical Center as a counselor for returning Vietnam veterans in the “Project Transition” program.

During her years of raising children, Mrs. Beauchamp was active in many areas of volunteer work, with a special interest in the fields of education and medicine. She co-chaired school fund-raisers and edited school and church newsletters. She was President-elect of the District of Columbia Medical Auxiliary. She later became President of the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland’s Medical Auxiliary.

In 1988, her husband, Dr. George Beauchamp, requested her help in the planning and presenting of the Children’s Eye Foundation symposium, “The Secrets of the Brain: The Neuroscience of Learning” at the Cleveland Clinic. At a CEF Board of Directors meeting subsequent to the symposium, the Directors offered the position of Administrator/Executive Director of the CEF to Mrs. Beauchamp. She served in that capacity in partnership with CEF President, Dr. Beauchamp, for the next 15 years until her retirement in 2003. During those years, she was responsible for every aspect of the foundation’s work. When Dr. Beauchamp proposed the creation of a medal to honor Dr. Marshall M. Parks, Mrs. Beauchamp enlisted the help of Board Director, Mrs. Susan Spector, and together they created the Marshall M. Parks Medal.

Mrs. Beauchamp resides in Dallas, TX. She enjoys cooking, reading and painting. Her greatest joy is summering in Belgrade Lakes, ME, with her family: daughters Christine M. Beauchamp and Cynthia L. Beauchamp, M.D. (Dirk Fisher) and grandsons Kyle, Chase and Finn Fisher and George R. Beauchamp II.