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AAPOS Vision Screening App

AAPOS Vision Screening App IconQuickly and easily screen the vision of children and adults beginning at age 3 years with evidence-based LEA Symbols and Sloan Letters. The App is based on the basic distance Vision Screening Kit created by AAPOS.

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Charts include both full-chart threshold and critical line formats using either LEA Symbols or Sloan Letters optotypes. Critical line screening is a quick method for screening where individuals are screened using only the line that matches their age.

Each test format can be used for distance screening at 10ft/3m or for near vision screening at 16in/40cm.

Each screening test starts with a practice screen to familiarize the screenee with the process. Then quickly move to the screening test for first the right eye and then the left eye. The Pass/Fail criteria is indicated for the age group in each screen.

The AAPOS Vision Screening App is appropriate for anyone who screens vision, including medical personnel working in pediatrics and family medicine, Head Start personnel, school nurses, and Lions Club members.

Note: This app is designed for iPads with high resolution retina displays.

Screenshots of Vision Screening app